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Business Objects Trial Registration and Download

Learn how to quickly and easily set up and configure your very own free Business Objects environment!


BOBJ Server Access with No License Fees!

*Windows Server 2016 hosted environment required ($21 USD / mo)  

Have you ever wanted a personal and private SAP Business Objects server to practice Web Intelligence (Webi) and other Business Objects applications? Well, now you can easily set up your very own! This tutorial steps you through the process of creating your very own SAP Business Objects trial server in the cloud so you can practice your skills anytime, anywhere.

You’re responsible for manually extending your trial every 30 days (don’t worry, it’s easy, I’ll show you how). Failure to extend your trial may result in your Business Objects environment being locked down and impossible to log into. As long as you stay on top of extending your trial, you’re free to enjoy perpetual FREE Business Objects access to improve upon your skills! All you need to pay for is hosting (very affordable).  

Business Objects System Configuration is very, very tricky!

I’ll guide you step by step through the system configuration process. It’s very daunting so I highly recommend you follow the steps exactly as outlined in the videos as one wrong SAP entry could require a complete system rebuild. So if learning how to quickly set up your very own private Business Objects server excites you, this is definitely the course for you!  I’ll see you on the inside!

Getting Started

1 - Initial Server Set Up and Configuration

2 - Register for Business Objects Trial and Download Install Files


3 - Extract and Install Business Objects Server

4 - Extract and Install Business Objects Client Tools

BO Client Tools and License Renewal

5 - Accessing BO Client Tools and Webi Rich Client

6 - Easily Renew Trial License


7 - Connecting Business Objects to SAP BI/BW

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